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British Programmer & Developer


I am both a Web developer and Mobile developer, 28 years old and currently based in Bedford, Bedfordshire (United Kingdom). I have previously worked in the roles of both a web application developer and a mobile developer. I'm currently looking to build more of a profile for myself in the industry, not just as your typical programmer but as a real technology enthusiast who can help companies gain some innovations over what they provide compared to their competitors.

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Backend Developer

  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Serverless
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Neo4J

Professional I've primarily worked as a Backend developer. My core skills revolve around modern PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. I've worked to produce both Web applications and Web APIs. I've also some personal experience with Serverless, a newer framework for deploying code as microservices on platforms like Amazon Web Services. I've also recently been working with Neo4J which is a graph database technology to produce better backend storage than relational databases.

Test Engineer

  • Laravel Dusk
  • Behat
  • PHPSpec
  • PHPUnit
  • JUnit

I have real practical experience in writing solid and workable tests for web applications both with Behaviour and Test Driven development tools. I have a strong understanding of the work flows required to create software backed by these methodologies.

Frontend Developer

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Vue.js

Formally I prefer developing backend web applications but I have a good understanding of frontend development. While I am by no means an expert in this area I can produce simple applications using lightweight frameworks such as Vue.js.

Dev OPS Engineer

  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • Chef
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services

As someone who as primarily focused on being a Backend Web Applications developer I have also had a great deal of experience in areas of server architecture and cloud computing. While I am by no means a dedicated Dev OPS engineer I have the basic skills to help plan out systems and services and the tools required to do so. The majority of the skills I have developed is for prototyping local and test development.

Work Experience

  • Senior Developer (Part Time)

    Mylex Global

    I joined Mylex Global to help create the company's first minimal viable product. This initial development was built using Laravel 5.4 with minimal amounts of Vue.js. Upon starting the role no progress had been made in building an application meaning I was left to make key decisions of how aspects of the application should work. The development of the MVP included working with Stripe for payments and which meant learning how use their Elements API to keep PCI compliance of the site to it’s simplest. Working in this role also allowed me time to learn how the notification system and how to apply Laravel Echo to provide real time notifications to the site.

  • Freelance/Consulting Developer

    YLS Ideas

    I was working on my own projects while taking on freelance projects as a way of expanding my knowledge in a number of areas from learning about microservices architecture to producing a customised version of Laravel.

  • Mid Level Symfony2 Developer

    During my time at MyJobMatcher I've been working to help implement the second version of the site, a state of the art service for matching job seekers to the latest jobs using their CV. Working for MyJobMatcher has meant becoming a solid Symfony2 developer as well as working with a mixture of testing tools such as Behat and PHP Spec. My daily tasks can range from working on bug fixes to planning and then developing new features.

  • Server Engineer

    PixelMags UK LLP

    At PixelMags my role typically encompasses on a day to day basis writing solutions in PHP (using the CodeIgniter Framework) and occasionally Python. While there I have made sizable contributions to the team and in some situation have managed to provide code and expertise where more experienced members struggled to do so. In my time so far I have also pushed to help structure a better work flow and apply a source control strategy to my team and even encouraging other teams to take up the same concepts. One of the opportunities working at PixelMags has given me is to learn more about Amazon Web Services and how to make use of cloud based services to speed up development time and become more cost effective at the same time.

  • Mobile & Web Application Developer

    Zync Solutions Ltd.

    My role at Zync Solutions varied greatly, making use of my extensive range of my skills, performing day to day adjustments and developments to our centralised web application, requiring knowledge of JQuery, PHP and PostgreSQL. In my short time I've also made major contribution to the development of the company's Android mobile client as well as spear heading the development and production release of their iPhone application. For both these platforms I have also developed Push Notification integration to both the mobile applications and server side systems for Zync Solutions. Alongside these aspects of my job I also work with Microsoft reporting technologies (SSRS Reports) which requires use of MSSQL.

  • Summer Intern Researcher/Developer

    iDirect, Inc. (SatManage)

    Over my summer between my 2nd and 3rd year at University I applied for a summer internship at SatManage, who produces a web application for analysing the data usage and other statistics of satellite networks. While at SatManage I was given software development and server management tasks to develop and document that would hopefully be applied into future versions of the product.

    The two projects I worked on was firstly redesigning the current product to use a hybrid web service connecting two web server application, Apache and Tomcat, to improve the processing time of Perl CGI scripts. My other project was to develop test examples of real time graphing solutions which are cross browser supported and could handle data sampling of less than 2ms.

Personal Projects and Work

A small article on how to modify Laravel's notification system to make adding unsubscribe links.

An article I wrote which shows a unique technique for adding static routes that use dynamic parameters.

Sylius is a new e-commerces application framework which I've been following since it's early alpha/beta releases so I produced a small piece on how to get started.

I wrote this small piece in explaining how to create server side templates for use with Vue.js a frontend javascript framework.

A fun little app made for the Raspberry Pi which displays the Giphy TV feed.

My own version of the Laravel framework which I made to speed up the time it takes to set up tests and useful web application patterns.

An article I wrote in 2015 explaining some small tricks that could be used with AWS Lambda and API Gateway.


  • MSc Software Engineering

    University of Hertfordshire

    In 2016 I decided to go back to university to expand on my knowledge in some key areas surrounding Web Application development. I focused my masters on Software Engineering but at the same time I also studied Data Mining and Penetration Testing. Topics which I personally see as being more and more relevant to modern Web Application development.

    I completed my masters project and course in September 2017 with a distinction.

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science

    University of Hertfordshire

    During my time at University I studied towards getting a degree which was focused on showing off my software development skills. I managed to succeed in getting some good grades in both Programming and Web Design. I also completed a number of other subjects including Data Driven Systems and a few Artificial Intelligence courses. I also performed admirably at computer networking classes which I took each year I was at Hertfordshire University.

    My final year project was a Java web application that made use of MySQL and the then experimental HTML5 Web Socket specification where I created an example for using Web Sockets to provide a web application front with extremely fast statistical data beyond what could be conventially done with AJAX techniques.

    Upon completing the degree I left with a 2:1.

  • Cisco CCNA Level 1 & 2

    University of Hertfordshire

    At the end of my first year I had the opportunity to spend an extra month at University so I decided to take the first two CCNA coures. I spent two weeks each on getting the qualifications. Sadly Level 3 & 4 at the time weren't provided in the two week course format so I was unable to complete a full CCNA qualification.

  • BTEC IT Practitioners National Certificate (Software Development)

    Bedford College

    My first dedicated IT course was at Bedford College, where I gained a lot of my first real experience in programming. Taking this course was equivalent to two A-levels, I completed the course with a Merit Distinction which was the second highest grade available.

Frequent Questions

Will you work for free/lower wage in exchange for non monetary benefits such as a stake in the company?

No, although I'm always interested in the possibilities of working with a start up, my general view is I have to live and therefore it requires a real income even if I do have a genuine interest. Also in that respect my time is generally limited and I don't believe you can fit the kind of requirements of a full project which involves collaboration around a full-time job.

How flexible are you when it comes to moving for a new position?

This is a difficult one, in the right situation currently then yes I would be happy to consider a change of scenery but it would require help from a perspective employer.

Do you prefer working with Open Source platforms over more proprietary systems?

Yes, generally If I can, I believe Open Source has more to offer but that does not mean that's all I'm locked into using, but it is a large factor in the decisions I make when choosing platforms.

What's your preference in the way of software and/or hardware for development?

I've worked with Mac computers over the span of my career and to be honest I wouldn't go back to using Windows for all the money in the world.

How do you keep up to date with all the new platforms and libraries out there?

I keep up by a few methods these days. I'm fairly active on Twitter as well as using email subscription services such as Gitly and Qudos to see the latest libraries and technologies out there.

I'm a recruiter with a great opportunity, would you like to have a phone call to discuss it further?

It's sad I have to put this but chances are no. I get so many offers on a daily basis I can't answer the phone for all of them. If you have a spec send it to me but if I don't reply don't take it personally. Some jobs are just not for me and generally I can't answer everyone's requests. I will typically answer a direct hire over something from a recruiter.

You wouldn't believe the number of cold calling recruiters I get who are so rude and lie through their teeth to make a commission who waste my time. I also do not take kindly to anyone who doesn't ask for my permission before putting my CV to their client without my permission before hand.


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